Missle range: The mobile Jericho-I and Jericho-II missiles, Israelís strategic rockets, are deployed at this base. They constitute the so-called "second wing" of the Israeli Air Force.
Location: Hirbat Zekharyah is near the town of Zekharyah between Jerusalem and the sea.
Weaponry: In satellite photos, about 100 missile emplacements can be seen, evenly divided between the short-range Jericho-I and the medium-range Jericho-II. Jericho-I range is about 500 miles while Jericho-II has a range of about 750 miles. They are kept inside tunnels dug into limestone formations that are prevalent in the area, and rolled out for firing. In December 1990, just before the Gulf War, Israel test-fired a Jericho from Zekharyah. Another Pentagon document states that the missiles can carry high-explosive, chemical or nuclear warheads.