TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES: (I hope you read this.  I believe it is important)  Upon hearing that Henry Kissinger had been brought out of mothballs and was selected to head a committee to 'investigate' the events surrounding the World Trade Center fiasco on September 11, 2001, Chuck pulled this book off a shelf and handed it to me with a slightly mischievous smile. My new reading 'assignment'. . . and he knew the other partially-finished books would be laid aside to delve into Gary Allen's 1976  expose' on the Super Kraut (one of several terms of endearment lovingly used then by the slavering media moguls and his entourage).

What Chuck didn't know (nor did I) is that everything else would be put aside to transcribe the out-of-print book so you can read it too -- on the website. Barely into the third chapter I became aware of the treasure that it was then, and most certainly is now!  It goes way beyond the man Kissinger, and takes us into the wheelings and dealings of the son-of-a-rabbi/Communist/KGB /Rockefeller/CFR/ agent Kissinger.

That this old man has been pushed in our faces once again -- the fox assigned to guard the hen house so to speak -- bears the signature of the Zionist Jews controlling all facets of the U.S. Government, including the U.S. military machine. I think they like to have their jokes on us, because we all know that any investigation, no matter who they choose, is only going to "turn up" evidence allowable by them.  

Having been written over a quarter of a century ago, in Gary Allen's book we get to see some of the  behind-the-scenes dealings -- dealt from a stacked deck -- by agent Kissinger that furthered the destruction of the U.S. and its allies.  That destruction began in earnest during the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War), the 'reconstruction' period after that war, the U.S. entry into WWI, WWII, Korea, and into the Viet Nam / Kissinger era.

This book details the Kissinger era -- which actually began during the Kennedy Administration -- during which that one, very powerful individual (with a lot of help from his Rockefeller/CFR/Zionist masters) laid the groundwork for:

the disarmament of America,

Communist-control in Viet Nam,

resumed relations with the Soviet/Communist controlled Cuba (90 miles from our shores).

the present threat from Communist China,

the Communizing of Latin and South America and Africa,

the Panama Canal give-away to a then-Communist Panamanian  president (on our southern borders),

and the present-day chaos in and from the Middle East (including $ billions for Israel) all of which we're experiencing today in the death throws of a nation we call 'America',  It is obvious now that there is a vast difference between what we know and love as America, and the foreign entity in Washington, D.C.: the U.S. Government. . . Inc.

The disarmament of America was a result of the SALT agreements with the Soviet Union, and the passage of the Arms Control and Disarmament Act by the U.S. Congress, while the Soviet Union, Red China and Israel continued to strengthen their nuclear arsenals. We stand today weakened from within.

All of Heinz A. Kissinger's manipulations were carried out in the name of detente.  Detente:  a lessening of tensions; especially internationally. (Webster's 21st Century Dictionary - 1993 edition).

We also discover here that Richard Nixon had had enough of Kissinger's treasonous deals, began making decisions without Henry the Knife, intended to send him packing back to Harvard and instead. . . Watergate was served up to us as the "betrayal of a President".  So, rather than Kissinger being ousted, it was Mr. Nixon. . . maybe not the scoundrel we were led to believe he was, or maybe having had a change of heart as to where his allegiance stood.  

I wondered why they didn't follow suit with Nixon and just assassinate him, as they've done over the decades and centuries to any president or private individual who becomes too much of a nuisance. Instead, Kissinger cooked up the scheme that destroyed his reputation (actually ordered the break-in of the offices which sent men to prison), then made him pick up his marbles and go home. Nixon had stopped playing the game by their rules.

An astute friend suggested that Nixon wasn't killed because it could possibly have awakened the sleeping population of America if two presidents (Kennedy and Nixon) were both assassinated within a  short fourteen-year time span, while Henry Kissinger was in his power surge under their administrations. 

While the Rockefellers figure heavily in the politics of the U. S. Government, as recorded in this book, it should be remembered that the Rockefellers are agents of the gargantuan Rothschild global empire, all of whose agents work in tandem, each doing their fair share in setting the stage for the final planned takeover of all national governments intended to culminate in a World Government. . . fulfilling their dream (our nightmare) of World Dominion.

For you readers just beginning the journey of awakening to the lies, to hopefully help in cutting through the maize of confusion:  

Communism is NOT dead.  

Communism is: Bolshevism.

Bolshevism is: political destruction. It is any radical, hostile usage of the political process, and is characterized by violent and bloody revolution.  It uses terror and abject repression to crush any resistance.  

Bolshevism is designed to destroy the spiritual nature of man and to create a feeling of utter hopelessness on the targeted population. (sound familiar?)  Its doctrine is that the end justifies the means.

Bolshevism is: Russian Communism.

Russian Communism is also now known to be the same (different word) as Zionism.  Zionism is the radical political program for World Dominion, characterized by its violence and cloaked in religious propaganda. Its doctrine is that the end justifies the means.  

Zionism is being promulgated today by many Jews and by forty-million fundamentalist 'Christians' who now claim to be "Christian Zionists".  All Zionists are not Jews, and all Jews are not Zionists.

However:  Jews are controlled by their religious leaders, the rabbis. The religion of the Jews is Talmudism. Most all Jews, even those who denounce Zionism, adhere to their religion of Talmudism. The Torah is the foundation of the Talmud, and encompasses the first five books of the Old Testament - considered part of the Christian Bible.  

The Torah/Old Testament lays the foundation for the political program of World Dominion quickly being finalized today.  In order for Jews to escape the insanity and the barbarism, they must understand they are being used (have been since the beginning), and must also denounce the Talmud.  Christian Zionists are also being used, and must denounce the Old Testament, the work of the Pharisees which Jesus condemned vociferously, for which he was killed.

Jews and Christian Zionists must withdraw their rabid support of Israel's barbaric expansion program. It is not "God's Plan".  It is a plan of men who believe they are gods.

The majority of Jews today in Israel and abroad (more than ninety-percent) are NOT Semites. They are of Turko-Mongolian descent whose ancestors were of the Khazarian tribe from the Black Sea area of eastern Europe, and whose chieftain adopted Talmudism in 740 A.D.  

Dear Heavenly Father!  I do so pray that --  as convoluted as that may sound initially -- it is understandable for our newcomers.  It is the naked truth, although not all of the truth, because we do not yet know all of the truth (facts). The facts stated above are true.   

When the realization of the intricate web they've woven in and through and around our lives breaks through the veil of "this can't really be real";  when the perception that "nothing can stop them now" grabs hold of me. . . in order to maintain a semblance of sanity and peace I recall to mind that: 1) With Creator/God, ALL things are possible.  2) The plan for World Dominion by an inhuman, despotic, tyrannical group of unknown creatures has been ongoing for at least 2,500 years and they haven't succeeded yet.  Why should we accept the fact that they will prevail this time around?  I don't, and I never will. I pray you will stand in that place with me.

While transcribing this book, I've taken the liberty to make a NOTE here and there.  Maybe that is more for my satisfaction (venting) than an actual benefit to the reader.  I would prefer that not be the case, and if it is, the reader has a choice to skip over the notes while hopefully indulging the transcriber who gave her time freely to get the book -- its detailed information -- off a dusty shelf and into the public eye.  Your eyes.  

With Love -- Jackie -- December, 2002

p.s. I finished this late, just before leaving for out-of-state to care for my daughter.  Did a cursory spell check but did not have time to check for words that were spelled correctly and are typos.  Read this , please, for content.  The work will be rechecked and corrected when we have the time -- soon -- I hope. -- J