The Greatest Hoax

     Following is a page from an 8th grade Seton Reading Book; 1999-2000.  Seton is the curriculum prepared for and used by Catholic home educators.  This page was sent to us by a former 'good Catholic' who refused to continue to indoctrinate her children to an 'international mind', blindly adhering to the dogma and doctrines (laws of man) of the church.  She has rescued her children from the grasp of the church 'World Peace' propaganda and has also switched the curriculum she uses. They are now being taught the truth about the Zionist plan for World Dominion.  


 8th Grade - Seton Reading Book  -  1999-2000 - page 307-308

Brighter Horizons

     There was a TIME when the world seemed large.  Shanghai was far from San Francisco and Moscow a great distance from New York.  Today the lines of communication have been shortened so that the world seems smaller to the people of the United States than the thirteen colonies did to the colonists of 1775.

     This cutting down of time and distance has made us more conscious of our world neighbors and what we mean to one another.  We have come to learn that in the world of today no nation can exist by itself or for itself alone.

     The good that has come from this closer contact cannot be measured.  The suffering that has come from it has sometimes been equally great, for the same instruments that carry messages and goods of peace with such speed can also carry the codes and armaments of war.

     In all ages of Christendom men of good will have tried to keep peace in the world by setting up standards of justice between nations.  National selfishness, working in the same way as individual selfishness, broke down these standards and caused wars.  

     In our own time leaders of nations have tried to set up principles to guide the countries of the world in their dealings with one another.  The leaders have worked together in the League of Nations and, later, in the United Nations.

     Few have been better qualified to state the principles of justice which should guide nations than the Holy Father [pope], for no one has a broader, more impartial view of the problems involved than the Vicar of Christ on earth.  

     On Christmas Eve of 1939 -- before the famous Atlantic Charter had been written -- Pope Pius XII gave to the world principles for a just and lasting peace.  Each Christmas Eve that followed until 1944, -- all before the great San Francisco [United Nations] Conference -- the Holy Father spoke to the world on justice among nations.  The principles he gave are these:  

1)  All nations should be assured their right to life and independence.  The will of one nation to live must never mean the death sentence to another nation.  Larger and stronger states should respect the rights of smaller and weaker ones to political freedom, to economic development, and to adequate protection.  In time of war, stronger states should recognize the right of weaker states to remain neutral. [Like Switzerland, where the International Bankers stored their gold and kept their 'bank accounts.]  

2)  The race among nations to develop tremendous armies, navies, and tools of warfare has been one of the most powerful causes of wars, and should be discontinued.  [See State Department Publication 7277 - The Blueprint For PeaceAll weapons and armed forces of all nations under command and control of the United Nations' appointed experts.]

3)  International courts should be set up to settle difficulties between nations in the way that local courts settle cases between individuals.  [Americans could be tried before a world tribunal of appointed foreigners - judges - without protection of the Constitution]

4)  No minority group in any nation should be oppressed because of its language or culture.  

5)  There should be no hoarding, by one nation or group of nations, of materials needed by others.  Fair arrangements should be made for the exchange of goods so that all the world may benefit from the resources which God has provided for all men.  [From those according to their ability; to those according to their 'need'.  Take from those who have and give to those who have not.  Steal from those who labor and give to those who shirk.]

6)  There should be no persecution of religion or of the Church. [The  One World Religion worships Lucifer]

7)  There should be developed among peoples a deep sense of their responsibility to keep the law of God.

    Catholic students have two things necessary to bring about a better world:  faith which believes in the unity of mankind, and the grace of God which gives them strength to put this belief into action. --"The diplomas of the Catholic schools", someone once said, "are not merely pieces of parchment.  They are marching orders from the Prince of Peace".

     These marching orders were stressed in the first Christmas message of Pope John XXIII.  In the simple and humble words of a saintly man, Pope John revealed the real trouble of the world today when he made a strong plea for Christian unity.  He urged all Christians who profess the revelations of the Prince of Peace, born at Bethlehem, to come together and teach the world the spiritual peace found in the message of the Gospels.  This, said the Vicar of Christ, is the only true basis for lasting peace.  

Selecting Important Ideas

     To ask an intelligent question shows that one has learned something new and has been able to relate this to something which he has already learned.  Reread the selection, then write five questions which ask for information which you consider important.


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