Forcing God's Hand:

Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture -- And Destruction of Planet Earth

     Does God want -- even demand -- that those of us living today destroy Planet Earth?

     Jim Jones led his followers to death telling them the end is near, so let's get on with it. Today, most TV evangelists say the same. David Koresh of the "Branch Davidians" and leaders of "Heaven's Gate" led followers to death declaring the world was doomed to imminent destruction.

     The danger to America, however, lies not so much in the so-called "crazies" as with mainstream Christians who have embraced a theology less than 200 years old. It gives them a free Rapture ticket. While they are certain there will be a great Tribulation -- of wars ending in a final war--they are brainwashed to believe they won't suffer a moment of agony. As Jerry Falwell puts it, "I'm not worried. You know why? I ain't gonna be here."

     These cult members look like your average next-door neighbors. They attend a variety of Protestant churches, including those known as charismatic. They are rife among the 16-million-member Southern Baptist Convention. They also are members of so-called Bible churches and mega-churches, such as those attended by Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr in McLean, Virginia, and Congressman Tom DeLay in Sugarland, a suburb of Houston.

     One of every ten Americans is a member of this cult. By praying for their Rapture and the End of Time, might they force the hand of God--to bring it about?

     Forcing God's Hand was Grace Halsell's last book. Her death occurred less than a year after its publication.

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