The Greatest Hoax

Democracy or Dictatorship?

By Paul Bond
© December 2000

For those who are prepared to seriously investigate this question of the post-modern democracies, the confrontation with truth, beauty and goodness will be an abomination, even an abhorrence.

As each nation traversed the twentieth century’s rapid-fire transition from the Industrial era to the Technology era, the effects of a global secularization of our planet’s population was effected under our very noses. Various Constitutions of the so-called free-world underwent gradual change as minorities learned the art of subverting the democratic system. The left and right of the political ideologies were the perfect camouflage behind which the secular humanists operated.

The popular notion that the preferred option to communism, socialism and totalitarian government was democracy is a misnomer of gross proportions. The founding fathers of most western nations, through bitter personal experience, learned the lessons of dictatorship as it was demonstrated by monarchial rule. Their consideration and fashioning of the Constitutional Republic of the American states was a classic example of that sagacity.

The Bill of Rights and the Constitution should have provided the Union with the best  chance of real freedom and liberty of any nation. So what went wrong? Why do a majority of American citizens fail to register a vote at elections?

The answer lies somewhere between general apathy as it applies to those too lazy to search out the answer and a distrust of the current system by those who have dug deeply into the history.

If we are to use the American story as our example of discernment of the above question, then we must be vigilant, for the landscape is strewn with falsity and deception.

A global search for the roots of the transition from the founding fathers’ model of a Constitutional Republic began to materialize early on in this century. In fact, the roots can be found in 1913, with the passage by a hobbled Congress of two pieces of draconian legislation giving rise to the Federal Reserve System and Income Tax.

Those days of infamy mark the gradual usurpation by successive executive governments, as they set out to hijack, either naively or knowingly, the American Constitutional Monarchy.

At around the same time, the ideological fermentation that resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 was the ideal foil upon which the global manipulators were able to disguise the coming treachery.

In order to put this into perspective, to see it clearly, we will need to refer to the planetary record. Herewith:

"The insignia of priestly and kingly office were eventually regarded as fetishes, and the fetish of the state supreme has passed through many stages of development, from clans to tribes, from suzerainty to sovereignty, from totems to flags. Fetish kings have ruled by "divine right," and many other forms of government have obtained. Men have also made a fetish of democracy, the exaltation and adoration of the common man's ideas when collectively called "public opinion." One man's opinion, when taken by itself, is not regarded as worth much, but when many men are collectively functioning as a democracy, this same mediocre judgment is held to be the arbiter of justice and the standard of righteousness."

To demonstrate the validity of the above truth, look clearly at the recent fiasco that was the U.S. presidential elections. That was the post-modern democratic process at work. Do you like it? Do you still believe the American Union is a Constitutional Republic? Or has it become a dictatorship disguised behind the post-modern, secular humanism of the fetish of "democracy"? Tweedledum or Tweedledee?

So where to from here? Now that the deception is out in the open, what do the mores do about this?

History would clearly demonstrate that real power, either individually or collectively, comes from the inner life of a consecrated relationship between man and God. This inner life of temporal recognition of the spirit of God and then — through free-will — the sincere co-operation with the indwelling spirit, is the only solution.Jesus said it clearly: "The kingdom of God is within.” This spiritual power is not to be found in the outer life of material understanding. Many seek it here, there, everywhere. Many seek to discover God, when all along His spirit was beckoning in the super-conscious mind of the mortal.

When that inner life of consecrated free-will union results in mortals living the example of "your will be done,” God and mankind have found each other. The eternal partnership so made is the spiritual power to effect real change. Not just individually, but also as a community, nation or a whole planet.

"It is through the spirit that mankind will survive.”

There is simply no other way. You see the pattern of God is love and tolerance, predicated upon mercy and justice. This pattern pervades the cosmos that is the Master Universe. It is insuperable, undeniable and unavoidable.

Our planet, then, is obviously out of step with that pattern of love, tolerance, mercy and justice. We almost made it in the post-Pentecost age. However, there occurred a retrogression that gave rise to the secular humanism of the post-modern era.

Therefore, if God is spirit and if a fragment of that spirit resides within our super-conscious minds, we are able to access that spiritual power. How? By going within.

Again, let us revert to the unfailing wisdom of the planetary record, herewith:


"Recognition is the intellectual process of fitting the sensory impressions received from the external world into the memory patterns of the individual. Understanding connotes that these recognized sensory impressions and their associated memory patterns have become integrated or organized into a dynamic network of principles.

The advances of true civilization are all born in this inner world of mankind. It is only the inner life that is truly creative. Civilization can hardly progress when the majority of the youth of any generation devote their interests and energies to the materialistic pursuits of the sensory or outer world.

Only in the higher levels of the super-conscious mind as it impinges upon the spirit realm of human experience can you find those higher concepts in association with effective master patterns that will contribute to the building of a better and more enduring civilization. Personality is inherently creative, but it thus functions only in the inner life of the individual.

Happiness and joy take origin in the inner life. You cannot experience real joy all by yourself. A solitary life is fatal to happiness. Even families and nations will enjoy life more if they share it with others.

Since this inner life of man is truly creative, there rests upon each person the responsibility of choosing as to whether this creativity shall be spontaneous and wholly haphazard or controlled, directed, and constructive. How can a creative imagination produce worthy children when the stage whereon it functions is already preoccupied by prejudice, hate, fears, resentments, revenge, and bigotries?

This is the problem: If freewill man is endowed with the powers of creativity in the inner man, then must we recognize that freewill creativity embraces the potential of freewill destructivity. And when creativity is turned to destructivity, you are face to face with the devastation of evil and sin--oppression, war, and destruction. Evil is a partiality of creativity that tends toward disintegration and eventual destruction. All conflict is evil in that it inhibits the creative function of the inner life--it is a species of civil war in the personality."

Do you see the problem? Here is more:


"The doing of the will of God is nothing more or less than an exhibition of creature willingness to share the inner life with God--with the very God who has made such a creature life of inner meaning-value possible. Sharing is Godlike--divine. God shares all with the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, while they, in turn, share all things with the divine Sons and spirit Daughters of the universes.

The expansion of material knowledge permits a greater intellectual appreciation of the meanings of ideas and the values of ideals. A human being can find truth in his inner experience, but he needs a clear knowledge of facts to apply his personal discovery of truth to the ruthlessly practical demands of everyday life.

To a certain extent, the appearance of the material body-form is responsive to the character of the personality identity; the physical body does, to a limited degree, reflect something of the inherent nature of the personality. Still more so does the morontia form of existence after this life on earth. In the physical life, mortals may be outwardly beautiful though inwardly unlovely; in the morontia life, and increasingly on its higher levels, the personality form will vary directly in accordance with the nature of the inner person. On the spiritual level, outward form and inner nature begin to approximate complete identification, which grows more and more perfect on higher and higher spirit levels.

"With our hearts purged of all hate, let us worship the Eternal. Our God is the Lord of prayer; he hears the cry of his children. Let all men submit their wills to him, the Resolute. Let us delight in the liberality of the Lord of prayer. Make prayer your inmost friend and worship your soul's support. `If you will but worship me in love,' says the Eternal, `I will give you the wisdom to attain me, for my worship is the virtue common to all creatures.' God is the illuminator of the gloomy and the power of those who are faint. Since God is our strong friend, we have no more fear. We praise the name of the never-conquered Conqueror. We worship him because he is man's faithful and eternal helper. God is our sure leader and unfailing guide. He is the great parent of heaven and earth, possessed of unlimited energy and infinite wisdom. His splendor is sublime and his beauty divine. He is the supreme refuge of the universe and the changeless guardian of everlasting law. Our God is the Lord of life and the Comforter of all men; he is the lover of mankind and the helper of those who are distressed. He is our life giver and the Good Shepherd of the human flocks. God is our father, brother, and friend. And we long to know this God in our inner being."

For those who continue to doubt this wisdom concerning the inner life, I say this: "The kingdom of God is not found in the material, it is not to be discovered nor consecrated in churches, temples, mosques or other places of indolent and lazy worshipful practices. The kingdom is purely spiritual, therefore can be discovered only in the spirit realm of the inner life. Meditation in a quiet place is the location whereby the kingdom is able to be discerned and the resulting benefit is spiritual power that provides the faith-son with the armor of a fearless life," if all things earthly crash, what care I, for I know with a certainty that my future life is assured by the Son and vouchsafed by the Father.”

That, my friends, is real power.

When the animal fear is overcome, the usurpers are immediately powerless, impotent to control our lives. That is the only solution to above vexing question. I commend it to you all with this my proclamation, "the kingdom of God is at hand."

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