by George Racey Jordan, Major USAF (ret)

[NOTE from Jackie]

When I first shared excerpts of Major Jordon's Diaries on the Sweet Liberty broadcast, I received an e-mail message from a listener who said that an entire chapter was deleted from the original book, that the missing chapter discussed the tons of fluoride shipped to the USSR from the U.S. in the 1940's -- under the auspices of the Lend-Lease Act -- and that the fluoride was used to create apathy in the Russian people. Mentioning this fact on the air I was sent a transcript of Major Jordan's speech by a dear listener and friend, Lilly Z.

In his speech (transcribed below), Major Jordan claims that the

"Soviets used fluorides in the drinking water of Siberian prison camps to weaken the minds of their prisoners, to make them dull, cowlike and more resigned to their slavery".

I checked my copy of the book and discovered that it's a Western Island Publication, printed in Belmont, Massachusetts. It's a John Birch Society publication. Why wasn't I surprised at this? The JBS was one of the very first of the now-myriad phony conservative organizations that have led hundreds of thousands down the cowpath and over a cliff. . .. just like lemmings. For confirmation on this, you can read about the Belmont Brotherhood in our Wolves in Sheep's Clothing section, an explosive expose on the JBS by former Birch leaders.

Here's what I read on the copyright page of Major Jordan's Diaries:

"Except for the omission of certain photographs of scenes at Great Falls and of various persons mentioned in the text, this edition is complete and unabridged".

Wouldn't we like to know which names the JBS deleted from the text? and why?  And given their admission of that omission, why would we believe that the edition is complete and unabridged?

I am inclined to believe that what you are about to read is a critical chapter of Major Jordan's book, intentionally omitted because, if the American people -- at that time not yet numbed-down from fluoride -- were aware of its potential to enslave their minds and eventually kill, the fluoridization of America could not have been pulled off.

Fluoride is highly poisonous. Not calcium-fluoride, which occurs naturally in many foods and is not retained in the body; we're talking about sodium-silico-fluoride, a man-made by-product of aluminum that builds up in the body like arsenic. Check your toothpaste tube -- any brand -- and read the admission that fluoride is poison:

DIRECTIONS: ". . . Children 2 to 6 years: Use only a pea sized amount and supervise child's brushing and rinsing (to minimize swallowing)."

WARNING: "As with all fluoride toothpastes, keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional assistance or contact a Poison Control Center immediately."   

I've pointed this out to many people, including family members. They read the warning on their toothpaste tube and say, "Hmmm. I didn't know that", and continue swallowing the poison. I've sent non-fluoride toothpaste home with my grandchildren and while visiting found every tube in a bottom drawer of the bathroom vanity. For me, that is proof enough of the ability of fluoride to weaken the mind and create dull, cowlike 'slaves'. It also solves some of the mystery of the apathy we encounter with the vast majority of people in this country.   

In May of 1992 the Spotlight newspaper reported on a state assemblyman (legislator) from New Jersey who had begun investigating into the wisdom (or not) of the addition of fluoride into the water.

I've misplaced the item and have no knowledge of the outcome of that investigation; however, I recall that he initiated the investigation because of the high incidence of bone cancer in those districts where fluoride had been added as compared to the non-fluoridated districts.

I cannot recall in which order his requests were made, but suffice to say when he contacted the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration not a one of them had any information on any safety studies that had been carried out on the ingestion of fluoride!

[Aside] I stopped here to search for the Spotlight article: could not find it; did find a reference to it in a medical report; also found an article titled Dangers of Flouride, which you must read!  It corroborates Major Jordan's information, plus gives much more evidence. Here's an excerpt:

"The aluminium industry was also eager to get the fluoride bandwagon rolling. They had been marketing their fluoride waste as a rat poison and insecticide and were looking for a larger market." 

As I see it, the use of fluoride in the drinking water provides multiple benefits to the slave-masters: they launder their toxic metals via hundreds of millions of Americans while numbing their minds to the point that they not only ingest the poison willingly, they're also willing to pay for it!

It could be assumed that every single water district today adds fluoride. Where the fluoride was/is not in the drinking water, dentists give the children fluoride tablets, and the bonding agent used for crowns and/or caps contains a 'time-released' fluoride, so there's a steady stream of poison leaking into our bodies. Some dentists give their patients a choice, some use only the time-released agent. You have to ask.

Please read Major Jordan's transcribed speech with great attention. Then do your own homework. If you choose to continue the use of fluoride, I wonder. . . will you even wonder why you don't give a damn?

This breaks my heart. My tears feel like hot water.

-- Jackie --

June 17th, 2004




George Racey Jordan, Major USAF (ret)

Delivered at the Thirtieth Women's Patriotic Conference on National Defense

Hotel Statler,

Washington, D.C.

February 17, 1956

     This is the third time you have honored me. In 1951, I reported atomic shipments to Russia.

     Again, in 1954, I revealed the money printing story, how Harry Dexter White shipped Treasury money plates, paper and ink, to the Soviets and they turned out millions of phony currency which we had to redeem and I also informed you of my belief that electronic parts for guided missiles and MIG fighters are being manufactured here for delivery to Russia, through neutral countries.

     Some months ago I addressed the influential Commonwealth Club, in San Francisco, telling them how the Treasury and Harry Dexter White had used the excuse of the war to wreck the California gold mining industry. Western people had been told that all gold mining machinery and supplies were urgently needed for copper production. I told them they had been tricked as it was actually sent to Vladivostok to build up Soviet gold and uranium production with slave labor.

     I chided them for not taking active steps to again reopen gold mines in the west and to establish gold here as a free commodity so that American citizens could buy it and hold it for their future security and so that industrial users of gold would be forced to enter the open market for their supplies instead of constantly draining the Fort Knox stores to the tune of more than $100,000 of gold per year, under special subsidy programs established in their favor when Harry Dexter White was running the Treasury.

     I hinted that a possible cause for their inactivity was the fact that the once pure mountain water used in San Francisco had been fluoridated.

     During the war I learned how the Soviets used fluorides in the drinking water of Siberian prison camps to weaken the minds of their prisoners, to make them dull, cowlike and more resigned to their slavery.

     My San Francisco audience was shocked to learn that they were being gradually drugged though their water supply and that fluorides were harmful to groups of all ages and might be highly dangerous to older people.

     Perhaps my words lit the fuse for subsequent events for at that time there was a strong campaign under way to fluoridate the water supply of their capital, Sacramento, but when this came up for public approval it was overwhelming defeated.

     Then last November California's dynamic Governor Goodwin Knight invited the Governors of 13 Western States for a conference in Sacramento to formulate a mineral program for National Defense. Within their states are more than 80% of all the metal mines in the United States.

     The outstanding feature of the program they have evolved calls for immediate steps to prepare for early resumption of gold mining, to be dealt with outside of the Treasury gold monopoly and to determine through free public demand the real price and value of gold in terms of our present depreciated paper currency.

     They may thus be able to block the complete loss of our Fort Knox gold stock, already so heavily mortgaged to foreign nations through the Soviet schemes planted in our fiscal system when their agents were operating it and through which we have now only about a $1 billion more gold that we can claim as free reserves, than we had when Roosevelt came into power in 1933.

     This is the program of men whose minds are not drugged through water fluoridation which is the subject of my discussion with you today. We will examine this alleged boon to mankind which is accomplished by putting 1 ppm (part per million) sodium-silico-fluoride, which is highly soluble, into water reservoirs for the announced purpose of reducing children's cavities when they are growing their second set of teeth, between the age of 6 and 12.

     The percentage of water-borne fluoride is changed in warm areas where more is consumed, to more, in colder climates where less water is consumed. There is no way, of course, to compensate for the difference in consumption by children.

     Fluoride is different from chlorine which is put in reservoirs to kill bacteria, and which boils away in cooking. Fluoride does not boil off, cooking only concentrates it.

     Who wants to add poison to our water? Why, the manufactures, of course, the people who sell this by-product of aluminum, this man-created chemical is not found in nature, although it is often confused with the calcium-fluoride, which is found in nature.

     When this industrial waste product was sold as a cockroach killer, to be sprinkled in crevices around the kitchen sink, it was 1 ½ cents a lb. The dental professors in Universities receiving financial grants from the same interests owning the aluminum industry and the drug trust, have fortunately for their benefactors, evolved this scheme of selling these unwanted fluorides, for 22 cents a lb.

     In working out this formula for medicating water supplies they had to fasten on this welfare tag, to help put it over with City officials, Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations. The innocent do-gooders who string along with social reformers on any plan to spend the taxpayers' money, blindly recommend it.

     A few years ago iodine was bally-hooed into water supplies because the United States Public Health Service, which deals primarily with statistics and rarely with patients, thought it might help goiter sufferers. When it was proved that it activated incipient goiters, they pulled back on the iodine for further study, hoping the incident would fade in our memories. It won't!

     Undoubtedly, the same businessmen financing the fluoridation band-wagon are also interested in keeping sugar products, a contributing cause of children's cavities, from being examined too closely. One city in Canada put on a campaign of child education, using a plan of rinsing out mouths with watered milk of magnesia before retiring. This, together with rationing of sweets, achieved a result far beyond any ever claimed for fluoridation.

     There are all kinds of statistics. If I am told that 2/3 of a regiment, according to survey, likes apple sauce -- and I later learn that two out of three men surveyed in the first place, agreed on the apple sauce -- this type of statistics is ridiculous.

     Here are the kind of figures you can evaluate: Water Departments show that of all the water going into any city, less than 1% is ever used for human consumption. The rest goes for garages, washing machines, air conditioning, bathroom use, street cleaning, gardening and fighting fires. New York City, for instance, uses approximately 640 million gallons per day, of which only 4 million is for drinking. This is about 2/3 of 1% of the daily water.

     Children make up 20% of our population. Therefore, this afternoon we are talking about 1/5, of less than 1% of consumed water.

     Children between 6 and 12, the target of all this fluoridation, constitute about ½ of the children. We now have under consideration 1/10 of less than 1% of all water consumed. It is admitted that only 30% of these children develop cavities, so we are now reduced to 1/30 of less than 1% of consumed water. Inasmuch as the fluoridators claim they can benefit about half of these children, developing cavities, all this good is to be accomplished through less than 1/60 of 1% of the water.

     I pointed out in San Francisco that they were spending $50,000 to do $100 worth of good. It seems to me that this gets too infinitesimal as to be much worse than the wildest schemes of tax-spenders in the past, who always claim they're saving mankind from something or other.

     A dentist does not have the kind of education required of a physician. To get a medical degree, it is necessary to have years of Latin, years of hospital internship, before a license is granted allowing a doctor to practice medicine. Yet, these professors of dentistry, prescribe mass medication for everybody. They have been using a concentrate of 20,000 times 1 ppm of fluoride to paint on children's teeth with an effectiveness that has always been in question.

     The usual tests on animals have not been worked out to find what happens to the rest of our people, who may be allergics, sufferers of diabetes, nephritis or cardiac cases with high blood pressure. Fluoride is a proved precipitant which lowers the calcium blood count. A doctor checks the calcium content of your blood to see if you are anemic, and, if you are, you are in danger.

     You each have a glass of water in front of you containing fluoride, but do not be frightened, it may take months of consumption to affect you. That is the big question; no one seems to know how long it will take to do the trick. But if you want a shock, think back, how many well-known people in Washington have had heart attacks, or have died suddenly -- from what?  Were they injured by drinking Washington water? No one can answer that, because it acts differently on each person, with symptoms so little understood or recognized, that a good doctor is liable to be convinced that death might be from natural causes.

     The original claims for fluoridation came from the discovery that Texas children seemed to have less cavities, which after all, is not a contagious disease. It was assumed to be due to natural high percentage of calcium-fluoride in the soil. This type of fluoride is not retained in the body like the aluminum waste product.

     The big problem has been for the aluminum manufacturers to so present, as to transfer the idea, of supposed benefits, from the natural calcium-fluoride, over to the unnatural sodium-fluoride.

     They used the big lie technique, that, A FLUORIDE ION, is a FLUORIDE ION, whether it is in combination with calcium or sodium, it would make no difference to humans. They are completely lost if they cannot hold the line on this one point.

     Their case falls like a house of cards if it is ever universally understood that calcium-fluoride which is found in hundreds of ordinary foods, is not retained in the body, to poison one, like the artificial aluminum waste product which is harmful, because like arsenic, it is retained in the body.

     The fluoride brain trust decided that a big test case with high-powered publicity would put it over. It was determined to select two cities, one unfluoridated vs. one fluoridated.

     Kingston and Newburgh in New York State, each having about the same population, were selected for the test. After examining the teeth of the school children, they fluoridated Newburgh water and announced it would take ten years to complete the test.

     Examinations were to be conducted only by the pro-fluoridators from the Public Health Service. No outsiders were to be permitted to make independent tests. This is, of course, comparable to methods used by totalitarian states.

     Here is a commentary on the impartiality of one of those involved.

Herbert Philbrick, the former FBI agent, had an item in his RED UNDERGROUND column in the NY Herald-Tribune at the time, I quote:

"The former NY State Health Commissioner, Dr. John A. Kingsbury, according to the Un-American Activities Committee, is affiliated with 24 Communist front organizations. A fine guy to have around the water supply."

     I can add that even his wife has one listing. Perhaps that is why Newburgh was picked to be fluoridated, because West Point gets its water from Newburgh, also Stewart Field, where the jet planes set on the runways, at "READY", protecting New York from a sneak air attack. Just another happenstance, one of those strange coincidences weaving like a thread through this whole project.

     All those jet pilots would be in a fine state of trance if subversives went up there some night, and kicked the whole batch of poison in the reservoir all at once. We buy the poison, put it into position and then try to convince each other it is silly to even think this could be any communist plan. Isn't our USPHS recommending it highly, and don't all the medical and dental associations know what is best for our children?

     Have we forgotten how Treasury Department shipped their master plates, so the Russians could print our occupation money, and ordered gold mining equipment sent to Russia?

     Have we so quickly forgotten how a White House official sneaked uranium and blueprints of Oak Ridge, to the Russians?

     We must not forget how another White House aide ordered 120,000 tons of ammunition dumped into the Indian Ocean to keep it from reaching Chiang Kai- shek.

     Now, I am going to prove how deceptive these pro-fluoridators are. The only thing that counts in controversy, are facts. In the beginning this test was predicted on the assumption that the analysis of the water in Newburgh and Kingston was the same. If not, then there had been no fair test. The claims were that the conditions were favorable.

     They did not even wait for the full ten years, but started after five to make positive declarations of success. They then publicized nation-wide, claiming that Newburgh children were developing with 60% less cavities, than the children in Kingston.

     This has since been disputed by competent authorities, who read exactly the reverse answers from the same charts.

     I admit I was puzzled. Maybe, I thought, they are right. Just because fluorides are used to stupefy the lions in a circus, could be a real coincidence. But then, knowing through my own experience how the public is usually duped about so many things, I began to question whether they were telling the truth about the original similarity of the water in these test cities. Was it the same before fluoride was added? So I checked. I have here a Department of Interior circular called the "Industrial Utility of Public Water Supplies" dated 1952.

     I find that Kingston water shows calcium 6.6 ppm gallons, but Newburgh has 35. ppm, or almost 5 times as much. These figures kill the value of this so-called pilot test. They could never prove scientifically that it was the fluoride accomplishing this when there is so much variation in the calcium content in the water. This compares with: Atlanta, Ga. 2.4; Portland, Ore. 2.7; Boston, Mass. 3.0; New York City 4.5. To me it is obvious that the calcium is at least contributing to any extra enamel hardening.

     A reputable dentist informs me that children who have been using fluoridated water develop a diseased form of brittle enamel porosity which permit drills to sink in disastrously.

     So, based upon this test, a board recently reported to the Mayor of New York that he should immediately approve fluoridation. Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Leona Baumgartner headed the Board. She just happens to be listed as a communist -fronter in the House Un-American Activities report, Index IX.

     Two of the other Board members are also listed. Three out of five. Besides Dr. Baumgartner's one listing, Dr. Haven Emerson has seven listings, and the lawyer Paul Hays has two. In other communities where non-communist-fronting physicians have examined fluoridation, they have killed it.

     Dr. Frederick B. Exner, of Seattle, Fellow of the American College of Radiology University of Washington, teacher of chemistry and physics, six times Secretary of the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, wrote to Mayor Wagner as follows:

"the theoretical grounds on which danger is denied are based on such distorted concepts of physiology, toxicology, chemistry and mathematics, that they can only be regarded as pseudoscience."

The report, and I am still quoting Dr. Exner's letter . . .

"is a mere rehash of the already discredited claims of discredited proponents of fluoridation. One of these, known as ‘the father of fluoridation' testified last November before the California Public Utilities Commission. He offered in evidence some charts alleged to show what happens to teeth in communities with varying amounts of fluoride in the water. Under cross-examination, he was forced to admit that he knew when he made the charts, that figures on which they were based were worthless.
"Your Board had been offered proofs of the worthlessness of these figures, but nevertheless accepts at face value conclusions therefrom.
"Even your Board, however, must know that eventually the chickens must come home to roost. Children will be disfigured. Later there will be systemic poisoning; and they will be responsible. They hope to avoid liability, for themselves and the City, through an opinion of the Attorney General. They quote him as follows:
"no negligence could be attributed to. .. . the city. . . on the introduction of fluoride into a city water supply . .. . if the amount of fluoride introduced is only such as has been found by scientific, studies to be safe."

Dr. Exner concludes his letter to Mayor Wagner, as follows:

"This will not avail when it is shown that the Board negligently failed to investigate the evidence offered in my analysis.

"IF the Board had investigated, it would know that there is no scientific evidence that any amount of fluoride in the water is safe for the users thereof, and any at all that is added,... is just that much too much." End of Dr, Exner's letter.

     Mr. Benjamin C. Nesin, director of laboratories for the New York City Water Department, added,

"people are bound to get hurt, as public water supply is neither suitable nor an efficient vehicle for administering fluorides".

     On November 5, 1954, three days after the election, NBC news broadcaster, Irving Levine, sponsored by ALKA SELTZER, reported on a nation-wide network:

"Tuesday's election produced one non-political trend that concerns, of all things, teeth. On ballots in 11 communities were propositions calling for the introduction of fluoride chemicals into the town's water supply as a means of preventing children's tooth decay. OF the 11 communities, nine decisively rejected fluoridation. This, in spite of the endorsement of the U.S. Health Service and the American Medical & Dental Association.
"Tuesday's almost unanimous rejection of fluoridation led NEWS of the World to conduct a survey to try to find out why. We find that an apparently small but organized group of citizens throughout the country is conducting a campaign against fluoridation. These citizens scorn medical findings and fluoridation's acceptance by 1,000 communities.

"A leader who denounces fluoridation publicly at every opportunity is George Racey Jordan, former Air Force Major who made news in 1949 when he incited Congressional hearings into his charges that Franklin Roosevelt's administration had shipped uranium to the Russians. Those hearings discredited Jordan's charges. Now Jordan claims fluorides are really an insidious chemical promoted by the Russians to weaken America's will to resist. Judging by the ballots apparently some communities have accepted his theory."

     I promptly sued ALKA SELTZER, NBC and Levine for their unwarranted and scurrilous remark to millions of listeners, that Congressional hearings had discredited me, in their bold attempt to smash opposition to fluoridation. It was claimed in court that it was only slander, and not libelous, but the Supreme Court of the State of New York decided in my favor. So I have won the first round because ALKA SELTZER and NBC appealed the case.

     Someone has to take these traducers before a jury to stop their use of the networks to smear any of us who disagree with them.

     The fluoridators claim it is accepted in 1100 communities. Let's also examine these figures for truthfulness. The facts are, fluoridation is only in about 530 cities, has been rejected by about the same number, and thrown out of at least 50 communities. But here again they use phony statistics.

     San Francisco furnishes water for the cities down the peninsula, which are then listed as having decided favorably. This just isn't so! Many of them never heard of it, or had a chance to vote as they are tied to one water system precluding any choice.

     It is the same all over the country. Key cities put it in, sometimes without any consultation with the citizens, then the satellite communities are counted as having voiced approval. Is this not a typical collectivist trick?

     In the New York May Day parade news cameras disclosed that 5,000 communists marched down 7th Avenue five times each, by simply riding back up to the starting point by subway, and then marching down again, to fool the pubic. This made it look as if there were 25,000 members of the Communist Party.

     Many cities throwing out fluoridation were forced to do so because of heavy encrustation in the pipelines. Fluorides are odorless, tasteless and colorless, you have no way of knowing it is in your water. Accumulation in the delivery pipes can cause a great deal of replacement expense, and is another proof that children cannot get an equal dosage. After four years of fluoridation, Morristown, New Jersey, tested water-tap samples, and they never showed a uniform ppm, but only a wide range from none at all, to very heavy doses per drink.

     A new toothpaste named CREST is on the market. It cautions:

"Children under 6 should not use CREST, because. . . they might swallow when brushing".

     So -- it is dangerous! Well listen to this one. Department of Agriculture Yearbook for 1939:

"It is especially important that fluorine be avoided from birth to the age of 12 years".

     If the manufacturer is stopped from selling fluoridated toothpaste to children under 6, and the agriculture Department cautions against children under 12 consuming this poison, doesn't all this seem much too contradictory to be promoted on a national, or even a local basis?

     What do the doctors have to say about fluoride? I quote a telegram sent to the American Medical Association by Dr. George Waldbott of Detroit, Michigan, on January 10, 1955:

"Another well-substantiated case, severe brain damage, convulsions form drinking Saginaw water STOP  Through investigation including exploratory brain surgery STOP Patient continued to eliminate 4 mgs. daily of retained fluorine two months after fluoridation discontinued."

     The claim is made that it is not retained in the body, yet here is a doctor with a Heidelberg medical education, sending this telegram. Brain operation, the patient eliminates 4 mgs. daily, two months after stopping the fluoride intake, recovers on pure water, do we have to be hit on the head with a doctor's hammer, at the end of the chisel, to understand how dangerous this can be for some citizens?

     Does the AMA recommend this project, as all the pro-fluoridators are claiming in so many letters to the press? Dr. Charles Farrell, who wrote the oft-quoted resolution passed in Los Angeles in 1951 AMA meeting disputes this claim. He now comes forward with the information that it was the intention of his resolutions committee, to straddle this issue, until they could study it further.

     He now observes with consternation, that his phraseology, "for it in principle." is being twisted by biased people into a flat recommendation, which was not the intention of his resolution committee. He should know.

     I could stand here all afternoon and quote reputable medical men who are urging extreme caution, but to save time I will quote only a few.

     Dr. A. L. Miller, formerly Public Health Commissioner of Nebraska, now in Congress,

"These groups, dental associations, and several other health agencies, now recommending the fluoridation of water were simply endorsing each other's opinions and had never done any original work of their own."

     Dr. Miley Wesson, famous urologist and former editor of the magazine, UROLOGY, informs the city manager of San Francisco by letter:

"After studying the evidence against fluoridation, city water is on my blacklist, I am drinking Poland Springs water."

     Dr. Leo Spira's book, THE DRAMA OF FLUORINE. Says:

"The close similarity between the action of arsenic and that of fluorine is manifest."

     The originator of the famous Rohde operation, Dr. Max Spencer Rohde, told me personally,

"Any precipitation of blood calcium can be extremely dangerous to older people."

     Once instituted, this extravagant waste will have sabotaged the one law we have designed to protect us in our food and drink, setting a precedent by which we would have to accept future medication through public water supplies.

     Also fluoride is not a necessary element to the human body, it is always an invading poison detrimental to the body as a whole, and, certain soft tissues in particular, such as the salivary glands, causing definite modification in the parotid glands, lymph glands, bone marrow all affecting important parts of the metabolism.

     Of course, it is another one of those strange coincidences that the Pentagon, Annapolis, West Point, ports of embarkation, naval installations were the first to receive this fluoridation, even though there were no children. IF the Russians are not operating through their communist apparatus, then they are not nearly as smart at country wrecking as you women know them to be. You can see from what I have already told you, fellow traveler influence is woven all through this program.

     Are there many communists in the United States? Just examine the UN and you will find a prize collection of leading communists from every country in the world. If France votes 40% communist, why expect 40% of their delegation to be running around here plotting our destruction?

     Do you for one moment think by any stretch of your imagination that this glass house full of revolutionists is here to benefit us? It is not! It is here to undermine our individual freedoms, by hook or by crook, if we are stupid enough to let them get away with the disintegration of our great Republic.

     What fools we are to swallow this quackery just because it is recommended by various groups crawling with one worlders and known fronters for communism. Our defense instincts alone should vibrate enough to really put us on guard. I thank you. [end]

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