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Flouride: Unsafe for Human Consumption


This letter to the Editor on the dangers of fluoride was sent to us by Sarah.  According to Dr. Carton the EPA has recently admitted that "no health tests have ever been conducted on this chemical."

In 1992 or '93 the Spotlight newspaper ran an article on this.  A State Assemblyman from New Jersey began an investigation into fluoride because of the high rate of cancer in areas where the water was fluoridated.  When he called the FDA for research material he was informed that they had none, and was directed to contact the ADA (American Dental Association).  The ADA had no research material either.  They deemed it 'safe' because the FDA had approved it.  
Doctors give fluoride tablets to children who live in areas where the water is not fluoridated.   
Many dentists today are using a new type of adhesive to bond crowns.  It contains a 'time released' fluoride, so the fluoride is continuously draining into the system of their patients. Before you have any crown work done on your teeth, check first.  Some dentists offer an alternative and some only use the fluoride adhesive -- leaving their patients no choice.   
Have you seen the warning on every tube of toothpaste containing fluoride? It goes like this: 
"Warning. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional assistance or contact a Poison Control Center immediately. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.
You can get non-fluoride toothpaste from your local health food store.  If not for yourself, then for your children.  Until they are old enough to make wise choices for themselves they are totally dependent upon their parents to protect them. 

-- Jackie --
October 2, 2002 

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Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 11:11 AM
Subject: Unsafe Chemicals

To the editors:

On September 26, 2001, the New York Times ran an article on the security of our water supplies which was astounding in its misinformation.  I understand that your newspaper is equally uninformed of the dangers of the chemicals used to fluoridate water supplies, and that you are supporting misguided efforts to fluoridate Erie.

The NY Times article stated:"Poisoning [by terrorists] the voluminous rivers and reservoirs  nourishing cities would require truckloads of chemical or biological agents that would be difficult to produce and relatively easy to spot, experts say."

Well, as the saying goes, "it ain't necessarily so."  There are truckloads of highly toxic chemicals already sitting in most water treatment plants: chlorine and fluorosilic acid.  In the tunnel fire in Baltimore, Maryland, last year, what chemical was feared most of all the chemical tank cars?  "The most dangerous of the train's load of chemicals according to experts, is fluorosilicic acid,"  the Baltimore Sun reported on July 20, 2001.

Fluorosilicic acid, a contaminated waste product of the phosphate industry which is used to fluoridate water supplies, has always been a toxic threat.  Unlike chlorine, which is noticeable by its odor, fluorosilicic acid added to drinking water is odorless and tasteless.  Numerous incidents have occurred where pumps have failed and a toxic slug of acid was injected into water supplies.  Many people have become ill and some have died (see  In one case in Middletown, MD, the mayor considered calling out the National Guard to warn residents not to drink the water after a spill, but  decided not to  because he did not want to alarm the residents.  They flushed out the entire system by opening all the fire hydrants instead.  

Does Erie need to be adding such a toxic chemical to its water supply which could be a terrorist threat, especially in light of EPAs recent admission that no health tests have ever been conducted on this chemical?

Robert J. Carton, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 231
Neavitt, MD 21652

I am an environmental scientist.  From 1992-2002, I was Chief of Environmental Compliance, U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command, Fort Detrick, Maryland, now retired.  From 1972-1992, I was employed at the headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC doing mostly risk assessments on toxic substances.  During that time, I was twice President of the professionals union at EPA

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