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It's 12:55 AM. I just finished watching a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful movie titled "First Do No Harm". The movie was based on a true story that was heart wrenching, to put it mildly, about a healthy, precious little boy about six years old (I don't recall them giving his age) who suddenly began having epileptic seizures.

Pediatric physicians started him on drugs. The first one changed his personality into a child-monster. The seizures persisted. Then another drug that turned him into a zombie. The seizures persisted. The white-smocked priests who call themselves doctors continued a round of drugs, none of which worked. Sometimes, just after ingesting his "medications" he would go into a grand mal seizure.

Since the movie was a fictionalized portrayal of an actual event, its unclear how much of what we saw actually happened to the family, although it would be easy to see how it could happen to any family when a situation like this arises.

The father had transferred to another union in his job and they soon discovered they had no insurance coverage since the transfer contract had a six-month period of "no coverage". When the coverage went into effect the insurance company wouldn't cover the medical bills because it was a "pre-existing condition".

The bank had foreclosure on their home, because all their available money was going to the hospital which wouldn't continue treatment without payment. Their only other alternative was to admit him into a county hospital. Two other children, who loved their little brother, became a background since all attention was pivoted on the little boy. The parents began fighting because of the stress they were enduring from all directions.

Meanwhile, their son showed no improvement whatsoever. The side-effects of the various drugs caused rashes, high fevers, bleeding gums, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc., and NO IMPROVEMENT. The parents were told by the white-smocked priests that if they couldn't find a way to stop the seizures it could eventually kill their son or severely retard him for life.

After one life-threatening seizure that they weren't able to stop, the doctor ordered some type of medication that would paralyze his neural system, admitting that it could kill him or leave him paralyzed. A nurse brought the medication in a plastic cup. The medication ate through the cup like acid. The doctor ordered another -- not in plastic -- to administer to the child rectally.

His mother watched the entire procedure; she picked the cup from the floor looking at the half-gone plastic cup and finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She began researching epilepsy at the library and this seemed to go on for a long while.

Meanwhile, the priests decide their next step was exploratory surgery. Remove the top of his scalp; expose his brain and attach electrodes to see if they could find the area of the brain that was causing the seizures. The mother had seen a little girl in the bed next to her son die after their exploratory surgery.

Then, she hit pay dirt with her research. She read a report by a doctor from Johns Hopkins Hospital of the success they were having with what they called a Ketogenic Diet. Come to find out, this diet had been used successfully as far back as 1929. When she went to the pediatric physician in charge of her child's care, the doctor told her there was no "scientific proof" that this diet worked.

They refused to release the little boy so his parents could take him to John Hopkins. When she tried to get him out of the hospital a security guard stopped her and they were close to losing custody of their child for "kidnapping" and "endangerment of his life" -- even though the child was losing ground day by day under their "care".

A doctor friend of the family came forth, forced the situation and their boy was taken in at Johns Hopkins. He began improving immediately and within days was already free of seizures. According to the information a child who goes on the Ketogenic Diet has to stay on it rigidly for three years, then can return to a normal diet. It worked.

When they showed the credits at the end of the movie, several of the "actors" were people who had become seizure-free from following the Ketogenic Diet. Most had been seizure-free for 20-30 years.

I was compelled to write this now, while the details of the movie and the information is fresh in mind. If even ONE of our visitors to this site finds this information and it saves their child, it is the reason the article is posted.

If you want more information, there is a foundation called (I think) the Charlie Foundation and the number you can call is 1-800-FOR-KETO.

With Love - Jackie

April 26th, 1:52am