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Subject: ALERT! State Emergency Powers Act in PA!
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 18:14:30 -0500
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We've just been alerted to the fact that a Bill -- HB 2261 -- has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House by Rep. Michael Sturla, "after the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act".  Although Sturla is a Democrat, Republicans have already been advised to "support the bill... it's an Anthrax bill".
Please do not make calls yet as we're awaiting a copy of the bill as introduced.  Better to have our ducks in a row before calls are made.  If we jump the gun on this before we know what's in the bill our efforts will be discredited.  Please do forward this, because if it is happening in Pennsylvania, it is most likely happening in all states. . . or will be.
Up to the last hour it had not been printed yet.  When it is, it should appear on the web site.  If one of you pull it up I'd greatly appreciate your sending it over, and maybe give me a call at 570-537-3035 so I'll know it's there. 
We will be writing a two-page summary along with 'talking points' for legislators who should then receive calls.  If you've listened to the last six Sweet Liberty broadcasts, you'll now understand why the conversations with Roger Mundy took place.  The broadcasts are archived on the website. 
FOR PENNSYLVANIANS:  I would like to have a Pennsylvania Only e-mail group so we can stay in touch.  If you wish to be part of the group, send a note to and let me know.  You might want to consider doing the same in your state, although it's a good idea to know who's setting up the list.  Lots of infiltrators floating around this NET as we know.
When you contact me, please also give me your real name, address, phone and fax (in case of computer crash that would disable our communications lines).  I started this about a year ago and the computer crash lost some files, including that one.  If you don't wish to let me know who you are, don't bother contacting me, as I don't care to network with an anonymous e-mail address. 
If you're concerned or afraid to be known, or "have you name on a list", consider the fact that Big Brother has been storing information on all of us for all our lives. There is no need and no time for fear.  This will be a legitimate and sensible effort to work together with elected officials who are mostly unaware of the facts.
For others on our list:  I'll be talking with Darren, our webmaster, to set up a section solely addressing this issue, where we can keep current on other states which introduce the Act, and where we can give help to people in other states by making calls to their legislators. 
It's understandable why the bill was introduced here at this time of year when our activities are centered around Holiday preparations.  The same thing happened in '95 with the Conference of States.  Preparations were made in '94 and the Resolution hit with an explosion in January '95.  By early February twelve states had passed it through both chambers... even though we were aware of the inentions beforehand! 
In the case of the COS, legislative leaders had rules suspended, bypassed hearing committees and took the resolution directly to the floor for votes, because the rank n' file legislators were told it was going to put the 'teeth' into the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty Resolution. 
This time around, we all have more experience, and besides the fax and e-mails, we have the shortwave broadcasts.  We'll stay on top of this for as long as necessary. 
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